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Art cloth is unique because it can also be transformed - into home furnishings, and into individual special garments - without being compromised. Cloth can also be collected with the intent to keep it forever intact. Hung over a rod, displayed against a wooden screen, draped inside a lighted box, suspended from the ceiling - art cloth is suited to the world of small and personal spaces. A collection doesn't have to take up much room. It is interactive in a way few media are.                --Jane Dunnewold

Martha K. Grant with Art Cloth
Dyeing, screen printing, hand painting, beading, embroidery, quilting, weaving -- the contemporary fiber arts movement is a large umbrella. Fueled by the revival of handicrafts in the 60s, textile arts and wearable art have become sophisticated expressions in the last forty years.

Membership in the Studio Art Quilt Assn. on the national level and, locally, the Fiber Artists of San Antonio has afforded me the wonderful opportunity to network with creative and inspiring innovators in this exciting, ever-developing field.

To meet other fiber artists and to learn more about this art form, visit these sites.

http://www.janedunnewold.com - Art Cloth Studio website


http://www.saqa.com - international Studio Art Quilt Assn.

http://www.committedtocloth.com -- British artists Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

http://www.susiemonday.com - Texas hill country arDyed Scarvestist Susie Monday

http://www.live2dye.com - California artist Carol Larson

http://www.surfacedesign.org - National Textile Artists Association

http://www.artclothnetwork.com - Art cloth national organization

http://www.dharmatrading.com - Textile and fiber art supplies

http://www.fiberartsmagazine.com - The magazine of textiles


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