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I am one of the original paint-by-numbers kids, starting around the age of 10, then progressing to actual oil painting lessons at 12. I have never lost my love of the texture, feel, smell, handling of the medium of paints, whether acrylics, oils, gouache, textile paints. Painting has been the touchstone of my visual art life, as I seem to go back to it at intervals and reclaim something of myself I once knew.

Just how old and deep that knowing is comes home to me whenever I view French Impressionist art. At recent exhibitions at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, there was an actual felt resonance in the body, a vibration, in the presence of Van Goghs, Monets, Cezannes, Renoirs. It is like a primitive, primal chord is struck somewhere within and hums in recognition and celebration. There is great empathy too for these avant garde artists staying true to their personal individual representations of the world, countercultural to the art opinions of the time.

Paints and ThreadsArt cloth uses all the art forms I have learned and been inspired by over the years. It is a synthesis or integration of my work in and love of calligraphy, collage, painting, fabric, fashion, poetry, and graphic design, all in one package! Everything I've done artistically, creatively, up to here seems to have been preparing me for just this work.

I welcome your interest in my artistry.

Martha K. Grant
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